How To Analyze The NECC Egg Rate Today In India?

Track daily egg rates from the National Egg Coordination Committee (e2necc).Stay up to date on the necc rates for individual eggs, trays of eggs, 100-piece quantities, and 30 egg price to make informed decisions about egg rates. You may make wise choices that will help your personal demands by keeping an eye on these various pricing possibilities.

Index of Daily Egg Prices

Egg prices every day with our comprehensive date-wise index of egg prices. EggrateAI provides up-to-date information on market trends for necc and provides an exact price for eggs. With a date-wise average of wholesale, supermarket, and necc prices, you can effortlessly monitor pricing fluctuations and make well-informed judgments for your business needs.

Our today egg pricing offers a comprehensive overview of egg costs as of particular dates. With this information, you may find price markets in various Indian cities and states as well as evaluate historical trends up to the last 15 days.

Stay Updated with Today Egg Rate AI Trends

AI access to daily egg prices updated on the latest trends. We enable companies and individuals to efficiently manage their operations, budgets, and purchases by offering daily date-wise egg prices in towns, districts, cities, and states in India. today's necc egg rate market actions you may modify your plans accordingly.

When it comes to egg prices, staying informed is the key to success. By reviewing daily egg price data, you may identify developing trends in wholesale anda market and also identify price swings, and make data-driven decisions on eggfarm industry.

Unlock the Power of Daily Egg Price Data

Being knowledgeable about egg prices is essential for success. Examine current National Egg Coordination Committee rates. By using necc tariffs, we can expand our business within a city or municipality.

Our date-wise egg pricing data gives you a thorough overview of the market and allows you to assess how much the price has changed over time. By using this data, you may improve your pricing strategy, streamline your supply chain, and boost profitability. Whether you're a small-scale farmer or a large-scale distributor, our platform provides you with the tools you need to negotiate the egg market with accuracy and confidence.

Daily AI Updates on Egg Prices in Indian Cities

Are you searching for the egg prices in 21-06-2024? Visit our website for reliable market price data. Compare prices to make a well-informed purchasing choice.

City piece tray 100 pcs peti
Ahmedabad ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
Ajmer ₹5 ₹150 ₹500 ₹1050
Barwala ₹4.73 ₹141.9 ₹473 ₹993
Bengaluru ₹0 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
Brahmapur ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071
Chennai ₹5.7 ₹171 ₹570 ₹1197
Chittoor ₹5.63 ₹168.9 ₹563 ₹1182
Delhi ₹4.9 ₹147 ₹490 ₹1029
E.Godavari ₹0 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
Hospet ₹0 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
Hyderabad ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071
Jabalpur ₹5.5 ₹165 ₹550 ₹1155
Kolkata ₹5.5 ₹165 ₹550 ₹1155
Ludhiana ₹4.62 ₹138.6 ₹462 ₹970
Mumbai ₹5.8 ₹174 ₹580 ₹1218
Mysuru ₹5.65 ₹169.5 ₹565 ₹1187
Namakkal ₹5.15 ₹154.5 ₹515 ₹1082
Pune ₹5.85 ₹175.5 ₹585 ₹1229
Raipur ₹5.4 ₹162 ₹540 ₹1134
Surat ₹5.65 ₹169.5 ₹565 ₹1187
Vijayawada ₹0 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
Vizag ₹5.05 ₹151.5 ₹505 ₹1061
W.Godavari ₹0 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
Warangal ₹5.12 ₹153.6 ₹512 ₹1075
Allahabad ₹5.48 ₹164.4 ₹548 ₹1151
Bhopal ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
Indore ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
Kanpur ₹5.38 ₹161.4 ₹538 ₹1130
Luknow ₹5.5 ₹165 ₹550 ₹1155
Muzaffurpur ₹5.35 ₹160.5 ₹535 ₹1124
Nagpur ₹5.6 ₹168 ₹560 ₹1176
Patna ₹5.35 ₹160.5 ₹535 ₹1124
Ranchi ₹5.4 ₹162 ₹540 ₹1134
Varanasi ₹5.23 ₹156.9 ₹523 ₹1098

Egg Cost at 21-06-2024

NECC Egg Price ₹4.55 ₹136.5
Whole Sale Rate ₹4.55 ₹136.5
Retail Rate ₹4.87 ₹146.1
Super Market Rate ₹4.96 ₹148.8

Price Chart for Eggs at 21-06-2024

Low & High Price Chart
on 21-06-2024

Examining the Variation in Egg Costs Across Indian States

The cost of eggs varies throughout all Indian states according to reports from necc anda. Every Indian egg price is determined by the supply and demand at their local mandi egg market as well as the rate of the necc market. Pay different prices on different mandi markets across India.

Low cost to high cost depends on several factors, such as transportation, supply and demand in their market, and various reasons across India. EggrateAi adds all Indian egg prices listed here.

Understanding the factors that influence egg prices and the various uses of eggs can provide valuable insights into the agricultural and food industries in India. NECC its various programs like market intervention, price support operations, egg promotion campaigns, consumer education, market research, rural market development, and liaisons with the government on important industry issues, National Egg Coordination Committee rates has significantly contributed to the improvement of the poultry industry in general and the egg industry in particular.